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Brandi is a warm and patient yoga teacher with a beautiful soul. It's been a great experience having private classes with Brandi in my home. I love how intentional she is about creating space at the beginning of the practice, and I always end the practice feeling both relaxed and strong. I'm incredibly grateful and highly recommend her.

-Morgan Lewis

I have always thought that I hated yoga. I thought it wasn’t for me I tried it hated it and was done. I thought that I was too big and awkward to do it. One session and I was hooked. Brandi exhibits the whole essence of yoga, she was so patient with me and my less than enthusiastic beginners approach. But with Brandis assistance I have started a journey and I am so glad I gave yoga another try. Brandi has helped me find a peace I thought I would never have and has opened a new avenue in my mental, self care and health wellness journey. Thank you Brandi I appreciate you for bringing yoga into my life. Please don’t stop doing what you do!!! This is your calling and I am so glad you decided to pick up the phone.

-Erica Morns Bryant

Anyone can teach yoga, but Brandi KNOWS Yoga. It's the intricate way that she shows you  how yoga applies to your life is what has sold me on her practice. Her attention to detail, the assistance that she gives you during your session is so helpful. As a beginner to yoga, she has taught at my level and her grace and patience is unmatched. She has taught me that yoga really IS life and not just the saying. Because of Brandi I have made yoga a part of my life, and practice regularly. When you are looking for someone who is knowledgeable, Brandi is the yogi to choose. 


-Chanel Jenaye 

I've done yoga in the past here and there. It was always something that I would force myself to do because I didn't truly enjoy it. Fast forward to 9 months ago, I started practicing with Brandi. Whoa! What a difference! I've learned and grown so much with my practice! The sessions are more than just yoga. It's a theraputic release of mind, body, and spirit. 

- Arlaina Dunning 

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